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Kirk Franklin - Long Live Love Album

Kirk Franklin -"Long Live Love"

A few days ago we had the opportunity of being apart of Kirk Franklin's listening session for his new project "Long Live Love" at BMI's NYC office. The energy in the room was just electrifying, the crowd ask all the right questions and Kirk reciprocated in typical Kirk's fashion with jokes, and nothing but pure love.

You basically left the evening feeling the love and dedication that was put into this project while being able to connect with him on a personal level due to his transparency, and raw emotions that was felt.

Now it doesn't just stop there; you also experience @kirkfranklin growth and evolution over the years while at the same time being sensitive to the times and being able to adjust his style to both millennial's and mature Christians alike.

In short go get this album it's unlike anything I have heard from him 💥🎶🎯

Download "Long Live Love" today!