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Kirk Franklin to Boycott Dove Awards & Trinity Broadcasting Network For Censorship

Kirk Franklin announced at the start of the week that he will be boycotting the Dove Awards and the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) for censoring his acceptance speech for the second time due to mentioning of police brutality in the black community. 

This announcement came in the form of an Instagram (IGTV) video that started with Kirk sharing his heart and stated: "Today I feel like quitting". "I am heartbroken that I even have to share this with you."

He then mentioned his recent reference of Atatiana Jefferson, who was killed two weeks ago by a white police officer, and how it was edited out of his acceptance speech for best gospel artist at the most recent Dove Awards. The censorship comes three years after Franklin won the same award in 2016, and discussed the "civil unrest" following Philando Castille and Walter Scott's deaths and five Dallas officers that were killed by a sniper. That part was edited out as well.

He then went on to say, "Not only did they edit my speech, they edited the African American experience," he added. Gospel Music Association president Jackie Patillo responded with an apology. The telecast was edited to fit the two-hour broadcast window, Patillo explained, and any harm caused by "missteps" caused in the cutting of Franklin's speech where "completely unintentional." TBN has made the unedited version available on its VOD platform.

Now while they have made an unedited version available after everyone started turning up the heat it seems more like an afterthought. If the first time was an accident this time it was certainly intended to make a statement and set the precedence that no matter the season, or climate of injustice in America they were going to stay far from it all, not choose a side and just censor anyone that tries to use this platform for us.

"Not only did they edit my speech, but they also edited the African American experience," Franklin said." - Kirk Franklin

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