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[Music] Manchester’s Leading Lyricist DropsPositive Summer Afrobeat Banger‘Run’

Following his successful release ‘Got God On My Side And What’ featured on platforms such as the Number One Christian Hip-hop Blog in the world; Rapzilla, Crown Freedom is back with this positive genre-fusing hit ‘Run’, set to be released on the 23rd August.

Coming from a background of ‘being forced to fight to survive’, Crown Freedom has written another lyrically hard-hitting banger encouraging listeners to be grateful for what they have and keep running the race.

This mindset has been nurtured through his exposure to the gang lifestyle and world of crime in his early 20’s. From being around drug dealers and armed robbers to receiving death threats, one liners such as ‘grateful for breath in my lungs’, and ‘I’ve been in the fire, no scratch, nothin’ are literal in his world.

Crown has showcased his ability to merge genres quite seamlessly, embracing the afrobeat vibe, hip-hop, R&B and pop, all blended together and polished off to deliver this summertime bounce that bumps well all year round.

‘Run’ will be available to buy/stream on all major online platforms including Itunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music.

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